A Little History

Cymaris is the biomedical division of Columbus Nanoworks Inc., the global leader in fluorescent diamond manufacturing and development.  Established in 2004, and with manufacturing facilities and headquarters located in Columbus, Ohio, we offer superior products for biomedical imaging.  Our proprietary commercial production process provides exceptionally clean diamond products, in sizes from 30 nm to several hundred microns, with quantities from the microgram to the kilogram scale, which we offer as-is or adapt to your needs by coupling antibodies, proteins and nucleic acids to their surfaces.  Our diamonds provide exceptional benefits for any imaging application, with bright, un-quenching, size-independent fluorescence that is competitive with, and can replace, that of quantum dots and fluorescent organic dyes.

Cymaris offers big-company, cutting-edge technology with small business responsiveness and customer service.  With state-of-the-art equipment and over 25 years of experience in nanotechnology, molecular biology and biochemistry, Cymaris provides the world’s only commercial supply of customized, surface-functionalized, fluorescent nanodiamonds for the biomedical community.

In collaboration with scientists in diverse fields at all levels, we transform today’s conceptual designs into tomorrow’s cutting-edge products.

Cymaris Labs

1507 Chambers Road
Columbus, Ohio 43212