Maleimide (MAL) PEGylated Fluorescent Nanodiamond

Catalog # Product ND Size (nm) Amount (ug) Price (USD)
10021 MAL-PEG4-FND-40 40 500ug $420.00
11021 MAL-PEG4-FND-100 100 500ug $300.00
10025 MAL-PEG12-FND-40 40 500ug $420.00
11025 MAL-PEG12-FND-100 100 500ug $300.00
10030 MAL-PEG36-FND-40 40 500ug $420.00
12030 MAL-PEG36-FND-100 100 500ug $300.00

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Product overview:

Nitrogen vacancy (NV) center fluorescent nanodiamond (FND) suspension in DMAC. Polyethylene glycol, of length 4, 12, or 36 units, is functionalized with Maleimide and attached covalently to the diamond surface.  NV FNDs are available with 40 or 100 nanometer average diameter.

Shipped in DMAC
Storage Instructions Store at -20˚C.  Vortex lightly to resuspend.
Concentration 250µL at 1mg/mL FND (250µg)


Cymaris Maleimide NV FND comprises an unsaturated imide (maleimide) covalently attached to a fluorescent label (Nitrogen Vacancy Fluorescent Nanodiamond, or NVFND) via a PEG linker.  Maleimide-mediated methodologies are among the most used in bioconjugation. Due to exceptionally fast reaction rates and significantly high selectivity towards cysteine residues in proteins, a large variety of maleimide heterobifunctional reagents are used for the preparation of targeted therapeutics, assemblies for studying proteins in their biological context, protein-based microarrays, or protein immobilization.

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