Catalog # Product ND Size (nm) Amount (ug) Price (USD)
13030 Propargyl-Glycidol-FND-40 40 250ug $175.00
13130 Propargyl-Glycidol-FND-100 100 250ug $125.00

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Product overview:

Nitrogen vacancy (NV) center fluorescent nanodiamond (FND) suspension in water with 0.01% sodium azide as a preservative . Propargyl-terminated Glycidol covalently attached to the diamond surface.  NV FNDs are available with 40 or 100 nanometer average diameter.

Shipped in Distilled Deionized Water, 0.01% Sodium Azide (available sodium azide-free)
Storage Instructions Store at 4˚C.  Vortex lightly to resuspend.
Concentration 250µL at 1mg/mL FND (250µg)


Cymaris Propargyl-terminated Glycidol NV FNDs are functionalized with ultra-pure propargyl glycidol which allows users access to click chemistry routes for biological conjugations.   Propargyl-terminated Glycidol NV FND probes provide surface functional propargyl groups for preparing custom conjugates of ultrabright and photostable fluorescently labeled proteins, antibodies, or other biopolymers that may be used for various labeling and tracking applications.

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